Monday, 21 September 2009

Furaha ya Idd...

...inakufanya usahau hakuna likizo. I didn't go to work today, not because I planned not to. I spoke with my colleague on Friday on my way from Busunju. At the end of the conversation I said "Tulabagane Monday" (tuonane Monday) and the guy told me that Monday would be Idd. Banange I was so happy I told my other colleague that K., who had been fasting, said Monday would be a public holiday. But yesterday it was obvious that Idd was then, not today. But with my Kenyanness, it meant that when a holiday falls on a Sunday, you've got Monday off.

The Ssebafuruki was in town from Kigali. Leo afty we went into town and were coming back kindu 5pm when I noticed that both vehicular and human traffic were as bad as on a regular work day. Posta seemed to have been open. I commented to the Ssebafuruki that I might be the only one who had a holiday. Fikaing home, I found my neighbour driving into the garage. So I called two of my colleagues and they told me that today was a working day. So kesho I am going to kusema pole sana. I will bill those hours to my vacay time, which I'm likely not to use kabisa.


Anonymous said...

African American girl who is very offended for being called kenyan!!!

PKW said...

PCV: Different topic lakini pole. I went and read your post and empathize-I never wanted to be mistaken for an African American when I was in your country. Funny, but I didn't do 'African' either, I just wanted to be Kenyan, whatever that means. Nowadays I'm cool with African.

Btw, I've heard that the way 'we' interact with 'you' may be the same way white Kenyans relate to white expatriates.

Hope you enjoy Malindi!