Friday, 15 January 2010

To Tell or Not to Tell? Or ask.

Would you ask or tell all of your 'pyjama time' stats? There's this guy who wrote to Love Letters . He's freaked out because he asked and she said she had it going with like 35 guys in college.

Then there's huyu who's afraid to share inexperience.

I prefer to not ask. But sure go for tests. Wewe je?


Bomseh said...

When in a meaningful relationship, the past should just remain that, the past.

Acolyte said...

This reminds me of the "mileage" debate on kbw a few years back, ah the good old days. I would say to women, never go into minutae; fudge as much as possible. Even I as a dude learnt that the hard way never to tell a number as it will be spit right back at u when you least expect it...