Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Seeking Balance

Part of this post might come off in classic Kenyan Reality style (See the last paragraph, white font here): scarcity of details and the only take-away is that things are a bit out of balance, in a negative way.

I only made New Year resolutions in early 2005, the same year I resolved to keep a diary from that year onwards. Then I lost the diary sometimes before June, and decided never to keep one anymore. In a shared house with no personal space, it was too risky to have the wrong pairs of eyes reading it. Because I wrote about my interactions with people, some of whom I was living with.

Learning how to live with people while minimizing conflicts has been a journey for me. I can't say what I achieved what year, and definitely don't remember 'resolving' to learn how to coexist with others peacefully.

Anyway, last week there was an in incident that led to a few awake-at-night moments. And there are two others that kept me awake last night. In one, I’ll my know my fate by Feb 9th. . Still, I need to come up with a plan B for the result because I have a deadline to meet by the 15th. The other is a process that needs a lot of my effort, and favour from God. The effort needed to resolve the first issue includes such things as: patience, resolve, mutual understanding, giving and receiving respect and dignity, and even levelling expectations. And of all things, commitment. No, the other party is not even remotely a romantic partner.

There was a time that I had so much faith in God that all I would do was give my best in whatever depended on me, pray, chill, change strategy whenever need arose. These days, I’m taking things quite personally. Even being a bit sceptical on God’s intervention (to use a trending topic, think the Haiti earthquake, His omnipotence, and their faith in Him). Only that it’s all been to my detriment. I would never lose sleep over stuff. I’m so going back to my former way of dealing with everything! It doesn’t all make sense all the time, but it works for me.

Here are some 20 easy ways you can reduce daily stress. I guess, in life, you can reduce stress by better planning and anticipating stuff. And for me, praying.


KR said...

LOL :)

I get you on the 'dealing with other people' - It is a very hard art to perfect while being honest and staying true to what you believe in. Goodluck in all that.

& having a Plan B - always a good idea.

Cee said...

PKW all the best in finding your own balance. All I can say, don't try to use other people's methods to find yours. Some find balance in having a list on everything they want to do, for others they find balance in not having a list. Know yourself and know what works for you, don't shy from doing what others may term "wierd" if it works for you.

Kellie said...

@KR style it is :D

Dealing with people. This is one skill I would love to skip, but in my work, it's becoming more and more critical, so kindly share insights on how to. I am made to understand people aren't as simple as Me Excel.

We will never understand God (my conclusion from my Genesis study), but if nothing else, it gives us comfort to know we have a Father who desires all good things for us. I still haven't figured out why He would let stuff like the Haiti disaster happen, but anyways.

I wish you all the best as you wait out and work on your two 'items'. Will be praying with you that God comes through.