Tuesday, 28 July 2009


I've realized that I spend a bit of time on the Internet kazini-not sure if it's necessarily all good or all bad.

Kila asubuhi nikifika job naenda FB, halafu blogger (Bankelele is my favourite, especially because the quality of his posts plus he has a lot on his list so I have a quick look on what everyone's saying), halafu twitter. FB ni mara kadhaa kwa siku. Halafu I have several email addresses, mbili za marafiki (with my nick name-short of first name- and middle name at gmail and at yahoo) na mbili za kutafuta job officially (first full name dot last full name kwa yahoo na gmail), na mbili za job (kampuni na project specific). Na bado nasoma gazeti na vinginevyo. Takes quite some time. No wonder I can't tweet (why is the verb different from the,er noun? As in tweeting on twitter) enough.


Ssembonge said...

A blackberry will save you a lot of time. My FB messages and emails are all delivered to my BB which alerts me of incoming messages.

I also use google reader which allows me to subscribe to comments. That way I rarely have to check blogs.

As for tweetering, i use tweetdeck to listen in on conversations by monitoring only certain keywords and thereby filtering out the noise.

PKW said...

Sounds real cool, Ssebo (Luganda:sir). Will get a BB soon. Realized I need it after all.