Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Reading the Big Print

It would appear that some HR pros don't read the HR manual they hand out to you the moment you accept an offer. Someone tells you that you can't take your annual leave until you've worked for a year. To you it implies that you would have 42 days days off the following year.But you refer to the manual which says you can have your days off after the probabtion period-which is 6 months.

Your benefits are taxable, no problem. Someone says it works thus: Total taxes= [30%(gross income + taxable benefits) + UGX 45,000]. Meaning you're worse off with the benefit. Refer to the manual, and there is another way. In fact, Schedule 5 Income Tax Act says you have two options, the lesser of the two being the tax (Thanks, buddy!). At worst, you're at the same level as when the benefit was not there.

Next on my to-read list: the constitution.


Sibbie said...

Err. . . I might want to re-read the post.

KR said...

Great post.

Knowing your rights in the workplace is a must.

And I join you in "must read the constitution" - I believe one of the reasons lawyers make 'cunning' politicians is they know the law.

Cee said...

Great post....As for Kenyan constitution, please do read it, not the best read in the world but it will make you go mad because our politicians keep breaking all the laws in it and noone says a thing