Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Just Wondering....

The Sunday night bombs did make scared, I guess like they were meant to, oba? I’m still not sure whether to go to the Jinja Agricultural Show, which began on Monday and ends over the weekend. My friend says that living life scared of shopping, going to church, the club or generally avoiding public places only means ‘the enemy’ has won. Thing is, me I don’t know who this enemy is, okubanga Al Shabaab said whatever makes Uganda cry makes them happy, so am wondering if it was really them. You know why I don’t know? Because bombs have exploded in Kigali (presidential elections are next month) and in Nairobi (referendum on the draft constitution is also supposed to be in a few weeks). And there are elections here somewhat early next year. So I don’t know; but I am avoiding crowded places for a while.

Jana jioni I happened upon a guy who works in security and he was telling us how they sold out on most of their devices on Monday. Then came discussions on how effective those security things are. You know that ka-thing they use to screen you when getting in a bus/matatu or some clubs? Ati it only detects metals. Apparently the only one that shows bombs and drugs is the one they have at the airport that scans your luggage. And a walk-through device like that would be too pricey for small businesses. Halafu, most people have no idea what a bomb looks like, so even when a guy is using a mirror to find what’s under your car, I’m not sure he knows what he should be looking out for. Or if it matters that you could hide it elsewhere. The security guy was sure people and businesses are going to go back to normal pretty soon, just like we did after the swine flu scare. Naye in the mean time, these guys in security will make some good money.

Lakini me I sometimes wonder; do people take life thaaaat seriously? I know am personally guilty of not always sleeping under a (treated) mosquito net, even when the message is all around me. And occasionally sitting on a boda boda. I know people who live in not very clean environment, but never bother to boil drinking water, saying it doesn’t taste as good. And when an oil tanker has an accident, there are more than enough people willing to go fetch some. And the illicit brews that guys will go blind while drinking and go like “hata mkizima taa, tutazidi kunywa!” Anyway, me I am going to take care, whenever I can, so as not to be a statistic, as my good friend B always says. I know death is definite at some point in life; how else do you explain the ‘hakika kama mauti’ msemo?. But I have this strong desire to live a long, happy and fulfilling life. So help me God.


Ssembonge said...

Uganda is the last place I would have expected Islamic terrorists to strike. Unbelievable!

Cee said...

I believe you can't avooid death, when it's your day, then imefika even if you stay in bed, you'll still die. How else would you explain people that die from chocking on saliva???

Tricia said...

God help us all, fear is everywhere but like you said just taking caution. Its sad fear walking with us, very sad but we must overcome

mrembo said...

Poleni sana about the bombs. Me I was so shocked I did not even know what to think or how to feel.

All I know is that I had some very un-pc feelings towards ..... fill in the blank.

Lakini as you say, one cannot live in fear.

take care

Raymond said...

First, my condolences to the great people of Uganda...
Second,my dear,you need not fear public places..of course life can't go on 'as normal' but u need to establish a 'new normal' !'
Thirdly, Stay vigilant...stay safe,avoid bodabodas if not for anything else..then to have a drink with Raymond

KR said...

Thought of you then and I was very glad to see your post that you were ok. Evil sometimes has no easy explanations and trying to understand why anyone would do it can drive you crazy.

Be safe.

sleek said...

odd mix of luganglish and swanglish...interesting.twas nice meeting you...hope u enjoyed bhh,much as u run off early...and at least u came to a 'crowded place'..

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Ssem: Yeah, pretty incredible. But in retrospect, not too surprising either. Well, if it was THEM
Cee: Hapo umesema!Gald you're not stuck in Scotland
Tricia: Thanks. Some bloggers talked about you at the UBHH. When do you come?
Mrembo: Asante. Si unajua hizi story za immigration?
Raymond: Drinks ni lazima, Insha Allah
KR: Thanks
Sleek: Enjoyed meeting you guys. Was actually sickly, and needed to get away and throw up quick;mixing antimalarials and alcohol was a terrible idea. Did I gross you out?