Thursday, 15 October 2009


I’m normally wary of calling plans ‘plans’ because I’m afraid of feeling like I failed, or being seen to have failed. So even when I’m very keen on doing something I either won’t tell it to all and sundry or if I do say something to someone, will put it thus: I “may be doing this or that around that time”, “hopefully will do this” etc. I’ve learned that that’s not too uncommon. There is the bit that is beyond my control, hence the ‘mays’ and ‘hopes’. In come hopes and dreams.

Here we go. In the next five years I hope to have (not in any particular order:
1) Two or three kids- there’s quite some brood pressure, especially from my mum. I happen to be the first-born and my younger brother and sister each have a toi. But that’s not the driving force. I heart kids. Tene I used to think that I’d want to have just one. Now, maybe more.
2) A man, hopefully (there we go again) a husband. One devoted man that I’ll be living with, whatever that arrangement will be called.
3) A satisfying spiritual live. Me and my religion have been going through phases.
4) A profitable business
5) My finances in order-the student loans not much of a deal
6) Become a seasoned SE trader, locally and otherwise
7) Become a CFA. I’ve postponed/thought about this long enough. I hate studying (for exams)
8) A body that’s 10 years younger than my age LOL
This is not a pipedream, it’s a plan! There, I’ve said it. So help me God.

PS: some dude who’s close to 4 years my junior once told me to:
A) Not to hope but plan to do something. Hopes get diminished, plans get accomplished
B) Just do it (“you know, like Nike, there’s no trying”)


Cee said...

Work at it gal, if your mind can concieve it then u can accomplish it. (Liked the use of Tene...hehehehe)

KR said...

It is amazing that just by the fact that you have the goals in mind (and have listed them for clarity :)) you will find yourself consistently working towards them.

Good luck. Be blessed.(especially on 1,2 and 3.)

PKW said...

Cee, thanks, and thanks, mimi ni wa before :0)

KR: Asante pia. I really want to be blessed, especially in 1,2,3,4,5,7,6 and 8! I can see you've now linked back to your digs.

Valley Girl said...

I love that you made this list. Its the first step in realizing your dreams! I hope you cross each item off!

PKW said...

Thanks, Valley Girl. I enjoyed your 'A Woman Should Have....' entry-though I don't have many of those things!

Maua said...

Strategic dreams are biblical. Hab 2:2-4. God told Habakkuk to write the prophecy down. It comes as a reminder to contnue pursuing the dream or the promise.

I'm not sure I've really obeyed this, I think of the future, dream it, plan it in my mind, bt somewhere alng the motorway, I loose the dream. Maybe I need to write it down, and maybe I can live it.

Anonymous said...

I've got a feeling Five years from now you will copy that post and paste it exactly as it is as your "new" plan! lol

PKW said...

Raymond: ushindwe kabisa! :0)
The beauty of putting it out there, is that guys like you will come out challenge me to go above and beyond the call of The Dream!
By the way, congratulations on finishing the 21km at the Stanchart marathon, though I'm surprised you'd be moaning with pain.I thought longdistance running was hard-coded onto your DNA.

Mwari said...

Take some baby steps - ask yourself often, " what am i doing to get to 1, 2, 3, ..8. You will be happy to know that you are doing something to get to your goals. All the best. and thanks for your visits and encouraging comments at mine.

Sleek said...

so help you God indeed