Friday, 05 September 2008

My $0.02 Take on Stato's Siasa

I am no US political commentator or expert but I hate the way the GOP is using terrorism and war as a political weapon. McCain use of his Vietnam POW experience is getting tired with me. He apparently used the term 'fight' 25 times at his nomination acceptance speech, with little in the way of what he will do to solve America's current problems.The last part of the speech ended with something like 'stand up and fight! fight! fight!' to a very enthusiastic crowd. At one point it felt like I was watching the Olympics with 'USA! USA!' everywhere. Almost like its the dems vs USA. Obviously I favour Obama but I may be biased seeing as it is his father was Kenyan. Not that it matters. If I were American at this point in time, I would vote for Obama. Primarily because the economy is screwed up, things are so worse off than they were during the Clinton time and it so feels like he has a plan to make America strong.

But as a Kenyan, I'm all for someone who can ship them jobs to Kenya or any other developing country for that matter. Outsourcing, and democrats hate that.That, plus really free (and yes, fair too, too, it doesn't have to be either or) trade, would do more for development than more years of aid. It's always interesting to see what side of the political divide seems to really care about global povery and how they plan to deal with it. As part of the international community, I favour America drilling oil on her own land. Juu if the war in Iraq (assuming it was about oil, not wms) and conflicts in many other oil-producing countries is anything to go by, I think 'drill baby drill' combined with renewable energy would do more to end such conflicts than the current energy situation in America. Well, at least as far as Stato is concerned?

Can't end without one more rant-did they (have to) go all the way to Rwanda to get someone showcase Cindy's personal commitment to charity, or did they look for her here? I'd hate for my unfortunate calamity to be used like that.


pink m said...

I'm also biased towards O for obvious reasons, but I think the McCain team is bila substance. I mean all through the primaries, and before the convention, Obama had never had to use dirty tactics towards his opponents, yet McCain seems to be majoring in this, to the extent of using his Kenya family against him. To me, getting personal means he knows he has little substance, and to win he has to work on discrediting Obama, instead of selling his policies to the people.

About stato helping, Africa, I don't see that happening ever. Africa has to work to get itself out of this mess, cos the West will always look after their interests first. I love Gadaffi for what he did (closing off his country to the West), and it worked for him. Other countries should come up with their own models for success and reduce Western influence as much as possible, esp in politics.

Sorry for mini posting on your blog.

Shida said...


I just happened upon your blog and am VERY glad I did. I am a Black woman living in the USA who is engaged to a Kenyan man and moving there in a year or so. There's SO much I'd like to talk with you (and others) about. Please contact me at whenever you have a moment. I look forward to hearing from you.