Monday, 14 January 2008


Amid the finger pointing, accusations and counter accusations between the top dogs on Kenya’s political scene, I dare say; at times it hurts to be Kikuyu. I can’t say I had not been warned. A colleague over here, I mean here in America, told me before the elections that if he were Kikuyu and owned any land in the Rift Valley, he would sell it before the elections-that at a time when I thought it would be best to invest in Kenya because of the strong positive message that a democratic election would send to the markets. It’s still credible to me that the ethnic cleansing was not a random act of violence by ‘wananchi’ against Kikuyus, but premeditated mass murder.

Thankfully, this only happens to those Kikuyus who settled in the ‘wrong’ places in Kenya. Well, until they come ‘back home’ to Central province. As I write this, my mother has to repeat something that my other relatives did in 1992 and 1997-welcoming some of our relatives from Burnt Forest who, as per our conversation on the phone yesterday, have been through the kunyarirwo (devastation, total destruction) yet again. But they seemed happy to be alive and have thayu (you really have peace? I almost asked). It’s very stressful just to think about. It is expected that the kids will join some schools somewhere since theirs have been burned to the ground. I don’t know how long it’ll take them to go back this time-I am hopeful that they will. And that is the Kenya I am going back to in August. Right now it is so tempting to remain here bila makaratasi so I can continue sending home a hundred bucks, a hundred and fifty on a good weekend, once in a while. Not that I’m planning to.

What I am yet to understand is why ‘we’ deserve this kind of treatment from ‘wananchi’ every five years since 1992 (except in 2002, but I’ll come back to that). One of the arguments floating around is that since 1963, Kikuyus have enjoyed socio-economic privileges that do not exist for other tribes in Kenya. There must be two types of Kikuyus. And I, and all the Kikuyus in my entire extended family, the two villages I’ve lived in, and all my Kikuyu friends must belong to the unprivileged type. Or maybe I just move in the wrong circles. But still, no one will stop to think about this if a politician thinks otherwise.

Land: In my opinion, that’s the main issue. Kikuyu people traditionally feel strong attachments to land. It’s almost spiritual, and in some cases it is spiritual. Would tribal clashes be over if Kikuyus didn’t venture outside Central? Central Kenya is only so big and its carrying capacity can only accommodate so many farmers. Those who could moved to other regions, including and especially the Rift Valley. I’m not aware of restrictions against people settling and owning land wherever they so wish in Kenya, if it is done in a just manner. Buying land outside your ancestral home is fair and just. I don’t know how many Kikuyus own land in Kibera and Mathare slums, though, where the violence started. It was poor people killing poor people simply because they come from the adui wetu tribe, as per some leaders. So, land is only part of the problem. My brother will definitely have to move his small business to a more Kikuyu-friendly area. Poor guy, he hasn't been at it for weeks. He looks too much like a Kikuyu to even think about going back to those joints!

Business: The selective memory again- Kikuyus don’t dominate business in Kenya, Indians, and now foreign investors do. Still this is no reason to burn down whole businesses and burn Kikuyus’ homes.

Government: This is where Kibaki made a major goof especially after the referendum. At one point a fellow teacher commented that the cabinet ministers’ list read like a graduation list. But, guys, cabinet posts don’t go to Kikuyus, they go to Kibaki’s cronies. And it really sucks that you all see GEMA as Kikuyu when it’s the only convenient way to see things. AND, we had one undisputed 5-year‘Kikuyu presidency’ between when I came to earth and when we had Kibaki as president. Compared to Moi’s 24-years, why does the bitterness in 2007/2008 feel like it has been brewing for ages, why?? Pre-NARC, I had never heard, “Kalenjin ni adui yetu” or any reference to “Kalenjins have led for a long enough time”.

Someone argues that even if Raila and Kibaki made up in public, the hate crimes wouldn’t go away? I beg to differ. Because the ghost of tribal clashes did not visit in 2002 when Raila said "Kibaki Tosha" and Moi and Uhuru were an item. Kenyans love peace, but only at the politicians call. Therefore:

1) We Kenyans must learn to think for ourselves and not see things only through the politicians’ lenses.
2) Politicians need to use their influence for the good of Kenya, not just to get themselves in office.
3) Should we redefine the concept of democracy? So that it's not just pure numbers that determine who wins? Because as long as there is a numerical tribal majority -call it Kikuyu /GEMA or whatever-in a country where tribes vote as blocs for ‘one of our own’, __________fill in the blanks.
4) We clearly need institutions in place that ensure that its not a winner-takes all situation.


Maua said...

It is actually a firstie, and I am claiming it.

Maua said...

We Kikuyus have too much 'muchene'. I think the rest of Kenya are trying to tell us 'Central' and only Central, stay in your areas. This makes me wonder why our fathers fought for freedom if we have no freedom to camp anywhere in Kenya.

It is the 21st century, and many can settle anywhere in the world, if they so wish. If a few hundred kilometres has caused this mess, what would happen if I decided to settle in Australia, Japan etc? Will the ethnics fight me.

Wait, yes, its not tribal, I think they call it racial. And you have the courtesy of complaining that mzungu discriminates against you. Why wont he if you are discriminating yourself.

Come on Kenyans. We need to outgrow this. Learn from the Kikuyus and occupy the land. Go out and adventure, life is not only in your village, there is more beyond.

Maua said...

Sorry Proud Kikuyu Woman.

I did not mean to start off like that, I meant to first say thank for the post. Being a Kikuyu, I have been greatly affected by all these as well, but as you can tell, I'm so angry at what is going on in Kenya right now.

James said...

This is my first year following what I call "conflict cultures", most a part of the Islamic Small Wars, but the violence in Kenya welled up so suddenly on the world stage and with such ferocity that it begs a much harder look at why democracies work where they do (and not that we/they don't have problems too).

In any case, Kenya's trials in an odd way highlight how heterogeneous a society America has become with its Hatfields and McCoys scattered far and wide across the states.

There's been a lot of affirmative action, equal opportunity, "pork barrel" spending, and other programming, whether laudable or politically underhanded, responding to grievance, greed, and want that has so far essentially derailed confrontation on themes too familiar elsewhere.

Frankly, and I may be backwards, upside-down, and lost on this, but I'm inclined to look on "tribalism" in Kenya as an excuse and something of a path for violence rather than itself the cause for despair and anger or the direction of aggressive ideation.

In its place, I'd put in the spotlight political parochialism and economic and social neglect.

Taabu said...

Maua my dear you may be emotional but your enmpty ranting doesn't help the situation. You start from a very secterian and narrow premise like why your fathers fought for independence and others to learn from the Kikuyu.

Don't you think you are latently passing a supremacist message aka superiority simplext? Or better still did our fathers 'fight' for independce (others too did) to dominate others. Yes Kiuks are business savvy but we must drop the supremacist mindset and learn to appreciate and adapt to local systems. That is not asking for too mush, or is it?

Honestly, we invited this curse on ourselves. The majority Kikuyu have been enslaved by the elite who only mund their selfish pursuits. All the other 41 tribes cannot be wrong and just jelous.

Maua said...

@Taabu. When I say our fathers fought for independence, I meant 'Kenyan fathers'. I am aware that it was not just the Kikuyus who did this, but the whole idea of fighting for freedom was to free Kenya from the then bondage. If a Kenyan (not Kikuyu) can not settle anywhere in Kenya, then we do have a problem.

I'm not trying to bring Kiuks to supremacy, but to show that Kenyans can move freely, like Kiuks have done. I believe that every Kenyan has the potential of doing well anywhere in Kenya, regardless of their decent origin.

waf said...

While you name might be a turn off. Your thinking is admirable. However, you have to understand that selective respect of the constitution does not help.
The constitution says any one can own property anywhere in Kenya. BUT, doesn't the same constitution say fraud (even electoral) is wrong?
Don't you think that a very bare bones look at the Kibaki regime goes ahead to reinforce the idea that Kikuyus are selfish, untrustworthy people. I went to school in central Kenya, I might beg to differ. Further more, the same media and churches that harped about democracy in Moi's era are surprisingly silent. I am just giving you a peek into the mind of other Kenyans. I will never ever hurt anyone. We are all Africans in the bottom pile of humanity and fighting in sinking boat.
Nice post anyways

Taabu said...

My dear Maua me again. Thanks for the response albeit it leaves more holes than filling the ones you punched earlier. You eloquently argue for settling and doing well for everyone everywhere in Kenya, didnn't you dear?

Well I guess you must have left Kenya decades ago. But even then can you honestly tell me that Wafula can have a thriving SHOP (infact a kisok) in Juja/Kiambu like Kamau would in Mbita?

It is natural to protect our turf and being defensive is human nature but come to think of it, Kenyans have eyes and brains too and a tie comes for reality check and soon the thread snaps. You get my drift, don't you? Let us not mistake the HELL-FOR-LEATHER mentality clothed in deception as industry. Payback can be nasty and brutal don't think so? Over to you.

waf said...

To plagiarize a great thinker; I think we Kenyans confuse mercenary like mercantile activity to enterprise. Can even the richest Mt Kenya mafia employ a kinsman for security? That is for reputation's sake.
In the 21st century, you can not settle anywhere you want. Many countries regulate who can own property in there countries. Kenya has 42 nations, It is time we acknowledge the fact. The constitution says you can own property anywhere lets respect that for a moment.But, The same constitution says no fraud and theft, well what did the current octogenarian in state house do? Selective observation for the constitution is not acceptable. Internal colonialism has to be fought with the same vigour as external colonialism.

Maua said...

@Taabu. Looks like we are taking over PKW's blog. Sorry PKW. But .... I've got to air this out.

Although I’ve been away for long, I’ve visited many times. Many times I stay in my shags, about 30 mins from the city centre in Nai. Although it is shags in its own right, more than 30% of the population is a cocktail of tribes including foreigners e.g. Nigerians and Zaireans. I agree that these people live in houses owned by Kikuyus, but they have businesses of their own. If I can remember, my mum pimad seats for my granny in a shop owned by a Luo guy, in the same village. There are 2-3 mathrees owned by non Kikuyu, and they operate on the same route. The owners are happy doing business there, and they have integrated with the locals there.

To say that business wise Wafula can’t do well in Juja but Kamau can in Mbita (where is Mbita), then I think it is a complex issue.

I read in the papers last year that one Luo guy (I think his name is/was Ondiek or something like that) had integrated with the Kikuyus in my ushago, spoke better kikuyu than me and he had actually been nominated as an elder. He attended wedding negotiations, some village cases that need elders listening, etc.

That is what I call Kenya. In Nairobi my neighbours were from every corner of corner of Kenya. I grew up with their children. We’ve even helped each other in issues like emigrating from Kenya, and the ones in Kenya are still very close knit. The issues surrounding Kenya are asking us to wipe our ‘small family’ of over 30 yrs, and kind of setting us against each other. For what?

My son knows all these guys I grew up with. They’ve been uncles and aunties in his lifetime. But for the last one month he now knows that auntie is Luo, the other one is a Kamba, uncle is a Kaleo etc. He knows that there are 42 different tribes in Kenya and they don’t like each other.

It makes me sick, and I wish time could take me back some 30 something yrs ago, for me to learn how to hate them. But right now, too late. And I wish everyone would feel like me.

What my parents have acquired has been their sweat, not anything (I can’t see) the government has done for them.

Maua said...


I agree with you about regulations of owning property, but if one feels really determined, one can.

I've seen people from all walks of life, from different countries , come and make it. People you'd never have thought would make it thru Heathrow airport, straight from some ushago in Kenya, and 2-3 yrs later, they have owned businesses and properties. UK is very strict with these regulations, but.... determination. Where there is a will, there will be a way.

But we are not talking about settling anywhere in the world, we are talking about Kenyans settling anywhere in Kenya. We need to stop bringing ourselves down in what we can or can't do. I'm from a generation that was wiping out tribalism and embracing unity in Kenya with the hope of living as brothers and sisters. Maybe I'm wrong.

I fail to understand why in the 24 yrs Moi was president no one raised a voice. I thought every office was 'Kalenjin', or that was not tribalism

waf said...

Wondering why no one ever complained at Moi is inane at best. Moi promised to follow Kenyatta's nyayo he never ever did promise anything more neither did he promise anything less. And following nyayo he did it to near perfection.
Kibaki promised a new constitution and new way of doing things. I do not want to list the prominent positions occupied by his people.
He and you should ask yourself one thing why has he lost the huge support of many Kenyans that he once commanded? Remember not all Kikuyus voted for Kibaki in 2002, Luo, Luhyas and many Masai did, we had hope in him. What we have got is a kick in the but, a punch in nose, the middle finger, a fist up our backsides and lately, bullets in the back or head, man child and woman.
Look at Lucy attacking media houses, Look at the Artur saga and burning of Standard Newspaper's Office. Look at the way the police have handled violence. Anglo Leasing. I could go on forever. Sans oil price increase, the increase in the prices of basic commodities has been stratospheric in the last 5 years. The argument that Moi was worse is silly. It is like saying, the devil is worse than Hitler... Little if any consolation to the Jews and others.
Many Kenyans have had their hopes trashed. I think many Kenyans did not and do not want to be tribal minded. But, if the president is that way then where can I find a semblance of acceptance apart from my own people.
I grew up in Nairobi, Juja, Eldoret and Bungoma and a bit of Kisii area. I have friends allover and it pains me I can not feel secure going to a couple of those places. Maua, I think you do not listen to Kameme and Inooro and here some of the references that go on about some people from other places of Kenya especially western Kenya. And some of the songs? oh my God,
Without devolving, and with people thinking military might will shut up people. Kenya is headed into a big hole that will break us up.
Talking about Kenyans settling anywhere... Well to me Kenya is an artificial construct, it is a product of circumstance and if the circumstances of equality do not hold then we have to break up the entity. The atom was smashed, the genetic code broken. There is nothing sacred about Kenya.It is a territory held up by laws. If the laws are not respected continuously it can not hold. A nation is a contract, if the contract is not honored then, there is nothing. And as Kibaki has once more demonstrated agreements can be broken and the constitution trashed. However, the current crisis has only one silver lining if is forcing us to reexamine how we are governed. plus do you really want Raila to have the powers Kibaki has come 2012 (if we ever get there)? Finally, I want you to clearly examine the circumstance surrounding the elections and tell me if you do not see foul play? none of the major observers both internal and external have approved their conduct. No amount of sanitizing will help. And for you son tell him there are 42 nations in Kenya not tribes. The nations are trying to sort out stuff in a barbaric manner.

Maua said...

@Waf. Please reactivate your blog and give us some more.

waf said...

I am thinking of reactivating my blog. It is just that it is hard work to maintain a great blog such as Kumekucha and even yours. And, I feel that there are sufficient Kenyan blogs to address the issues without one more distraction.
I hope you realized that I do not hate you or anyone just because of where they are born. I have been a great beneficiary of kindness from my Gema friends. I thank them for where I am today. I have Gema family members. And like most Kenyan guys, I once fell in love with an alluring Mt Kenya daughter. It never worked out but I will get one.
Finally, is your request that i reopen my blog the famous British wit and cynicism coming out or is sincere. More importantly, I would like you to address the issues I raised in my response. It is part of our national healing process. I need your point of view. Remember my people (Bukusus) are in a quandary, Mungiki kills us for being Luhyas, Luos Kill us for supporting Kibaki. Our fellow Luhyas are not terribly happy with us at the moment.I hate what is happening but I only seek the truth. Most Bukusus wish they could join their closest linguistic and cultural relations in Uganda.

Maua said...

'famous British wit and cynicism coming out or is sincere'. Waf, I'm Kenyan not British. Even after donkey yrs in UK, I don't think I'll pass on cynicism.

I'm looking to answer you in a coming up article. Coming soon in my blog. Thanks for responding. You know what, I'm learning.

Justmimi said...

Nice post and thought provoking comments.

The electoral fraud was the trigger no doubt, but surely this was just a ticking timebomb.

No matter how aggrieved that someone can attack their neighbour because of their tribal affiliation, well niseme je!

That you can sell your land to me and then claim you still own it, well niseme je!

I can only imagine what it's like to lose everything in 1992, 1997 and again in 2007. How do you bring yourself to believe that the future will be any better?

The question I ask myself is should we just admit we are deeply tribal and work out a constitutional framework that provides for tribal chiefs because that is essentially what we have, isn't it?

Taabu said...

That is brains at work guys. PKW must have her mouth full ad still chewing. Waf never waffles and Maua puts the flowery sheen literally as her name. If only other Kenyans could learn to agree and disagree civilly as such. But that is a dream housed in a pipe yet to be manufactured. All the same Kenya ni yetu and if only the politicians knew that they are the poison they would be banished to hell.

But that doesn't exornorate us from sin. We readily provide our back for their selfish rides anytime they are caught ij fraud. As to comparing Moi and Kibaki I can only excuse Maua becasue she must have left during the dark Moi error. Kenyans are simply venting frustrations occassioned by Kibaki's deception. He failed the 2002 mandate and when shown the door legally (don't ask me for evidence becoz I know you are not from Mars) he plunges the country into hell.

He unwittingly imagined Kenyans will get battle-fatigued? Pole Bw Lucy. 21st Century Kenyans cannot be bullied with 1960 Makerere model nor LSE first class.

All said we owe it to ourselves to be what we preach and banish bigotry. I knwo what I am saying because I was born and when to school in Central and all my REAL FRIENDS and part of my family belong there. Until we pull off the tribal wool and banish hollow supremacist mindset we are merely spliting hair. Over to you guys, I rest my case.

Waf said...

Thanks Taabu for your compliments. I rarely get kind words on blogs. Like you, I wonder where PKW is. So silent on her own blog. Maua... promised a respond but has not yet done that. I guess the two nice citizens might be busy.
On being civil, I think I do have the comfort and ability to agree with civility. Because of may be how I grew up and where I am and all the mercy that providence has shown me. I am not a religious fanatic, but, yes God has been so kind to me. Always giving me more than I ask and need.
Or Maybe I never ever went to bed on a hungry stomach, I had shoes on my feet, I went to the doctor when I got ill. I went to college and then left the country. I did learn a couple of foreign languages. Still in school for more schooling and thanks to God that even if Kenya burns I could get a job somewhere else (I hope it does not burn, but, it will burn at this rate). But that is me, many of my fellow country men have existences that border on genocidal poverty.
But, I can tell you that before I left Kenya, I have seen life get shittier and shittier. I tell people, that in the mid eighties when I was starting my primo or thereabouts. People used to get toothpaste and medicated soap from the hospital. yes close up and protex. Now you can not get a pain Killer. The health care has gone to dogs. Health professionals, nurse, doctors, dentist used to visit primary schools and check if the toyis were fine. Hakuna mambo kama hayo sasa. Not that toothpaste from the hospital matters but it shows you how far we have come for the worse. If, I may add. 51% of our doctors work abroad, our nurse well, ask NHS, maua?
I do not even have my own kids but I can tell you I have seen enough in my country to be an old man in another country. I am among the lucky Kenyans, not rich (I have nothing) but, I am not in Kibera, I know my Kids will always have food.
Much of the shit happened during Moi's time. Although that guy buried at parliament buildings lay the foundation.
Back to Kibaki, the pain with Kibaki is that in 2002 people had hope in him. A new constitution, meritocracy, lack of corruption and basically respect of the citizen by the government. But, what we have seen from Kibaki is higher level corruption, unashamedly ethnocentric cronyism and finally electoral fraud. If you ask me, stealing elections is a heinous act of violence.
I do sympathize and I am pained by the lost lives. I worry about the trauma to the children and the attendant disappearance of childhood bliss and innocence. Although in real sense the Kenyan child has a pitiful existence.
So while I do not like a lot of ODM characters, I have not recourse but to support them in uprooting Kibaki from statehouse.and if things get bad, I always call for some form of separation. You can agree with me that a lot of water has now passed under the bridge among some communities that if you put them together, you create a runaway chain reaction of a radioactive nature. Folks, I call for divorce, I call for 2 new republics or one republic where wishes of citizens are respected, where rights are upheld and where the constitution is not quoted selectively. As always do not hack your neighbor t o death.

Maua said...

Thanks for that Taabu. My querry is 'where is PKW?' We still need ya input.

Waf and Taabu, thanx guys, I learnt a lot. I guess after donkeys years I pride myself in being a Kenyan and half the time I know jack.

I went home in 2000, and pls forgive me, I was put off in going back again. I never saw any future. But when I read on how good the Kenyan economy had gone up, how street kids had been put in educational institutions, plus a few other positive things, then this uprising, I'm confused, after comparing uncle Dan's and Kib's eras. After all these, what do Kenyans really want? But thanx to Waf and Taabu, I understand a bit now.

Waf, I partially work for the NHS, and ya right, the health industry is run by foreigners, Kenyans included. Apart from nurses, doctors and teachers, we've got politicians too. A couple of women and one guy, two in London (Chelsea)and Brent one in Somerset. They need to go where they are needed most.

I guess I've seen too much racism and ignorance in the 3 European countries I've lived in, and to know that I've been a victim in more than one occasions, I just want peace and harmony for everyone.

At some point I schooled in Western Kenya, and one of my siblings schooled in Nyanza. They were sweet days. We all lived and schooled together as Kenyans. Are we moving backwards?

Waf, I still owe you one. Coming.

Maua said...

Waf, looks like I need a visa to visit ya blog.

Waf said...

I have my blog up. BUT, a couple of issues are hindering its launch. First and foremost on a personal note I am just finishing my dissertation and I can not perform an excellent job in maintaining a blog. As you can tell PKW is not finding it easy. I wonder how Taabu and other folks at Kumekucha do it. Most Kenyan blogs can not manage. Plus, Judging from the other Kenyan blogs, I assure you moderation is needed. Yet, I can not find time to moderate.Moderation is need because a lot of our fellow Kenyans even the learned ones (after all who uses blogs in Kenya apart from the few lucky ones) throw around a hefty amount of jingoistic diatribe without thought.
I believe there is too much hate without my blog turning into that one more forum for that. I assure you our politicians are doing a good job at that. So you are really missing nothing at all on my blog.
Secondly, I think there is need for everyone to cool down. Despite the level of 'hateful' interaction on the web, I think the past week has seen a general cooling of heads including mine. For example, I am not longer interested in the dismembering of Kenya as I was at the start of January 2008.But, I still insist Kibaki must leave state house or have his powers trimmed. Then I think we can live together as Kenyans but we still need a new constitution. Because I assure you that you do not want Ruto or Raila with the same powers as Kibaki now in 2012.
I am a former PNU supporter, until Dec 30th when police shot my former high Geography teacher an old man, who had done nothing. Police brutality and biased enforcement of the law I cried, and I immediately switched to ODM. Admittedly, I have to stay in bed with some strange fellows in ODM but I believe in honest truth and that is Kibaki lost.
Finally, I am really waiting for your reply. Remember, I, need a factual feed. I won't accept emotions without the benefit of intellect for facts are sacred.

Taabu said...

Maua and Waf you guys have taken over PKW (Kenyan me cannot see myself as part of the theft). But I hope my SH PKW won't take offence because we must keep it civil and agree to disagree. Maua Waf is stil waiting for your feed and you cannot escape, still waiting.

Now my dear Maua you must have left 'home' long time ago. But believe you me you have lost nothing. Our scoudrels for leaders ni wale wale only mother tongue changed in big public offices including state hse.

True last 5 years saw plenty of change in Kenya. But see what decoy that was? It was wiped in a flash and that gives you the mindset behing the brains formenting trouble. Ours is a nation built on DECEPTION. Even schooled Kenyans will shamelessly defend lies through their uneven teeth.

Read most Kenyan blogs and you will suffer constipation from bigotry and unadulterated diatribe. What we have abroad is exported VIRGIN VILLAGERs untouched by years of intercourse with modernity nor books.

Meanwhile on a personal note can you please tell SH PKW ajitokezea, I am worried, is she alright. Nice week ahead guys as we cross our fingers hoping for the best but fearing for the (likely) worst.

Maua said...

I'm commenting no more until PKW writes something. I have asked for forgiveness for partially taking over this blog.

Pls say I'm forgiven.

Waf said...

Are you balking out of your promise? Now,your made a promise, no breaking it. And, absolutely no using PKW as a shield, that will not float with me.
I however concur with you regarding taking over this blog. No more posting until she shows up.
On the other hand you will be glad to know that Starting this coming monday, I will endeavor to a blog each monday. So one blog a week from me. It won't be about Kenya only. I give my 1 cent worth of attention and opinion to a variety of topics. But, always commenting on Kenya.

nice prayer on your blog. thanks for making some of us who take God for granted wake up.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Sorry I've been lost guys,I got this (short-term) dream jobo that shifted my short-term goal to kicking ass at the jobo and see if my fortunes will improve for the better at the end of my term. Will still be blogging.

Maua, mimi sina shida na mutu wowote bora hakuna matusi ya pesa mbili. I'm glad we are discussing issues with sane minds. As Waf said, we have enough hate going around the blogosphere. At this rate, maybe evem enough to last us a lifetime.

Waf(ula?)-while my name maybe a turnoff-I have always been for the idea of people being proud of who they are. Am proud of being Kenyan, and equally proud of being a Kikuyu, and everything else that makes me who I am. If I could use my identity for a good cause, why not? Where I am, I see people putting their identities in bottles, on clothes etc and creating fortunes for them and their generations to come. Don't take me wrong - take that on the wrong frequency, and it starts a fire that we can't quench. Wafula, Otieno, Wambua, Chepkorir et al should be proud of who they are. That's my position, sorry if you disagree.

Taabu, sina taabu pia na wewe.

Taabu said...

Thanks PKW for resurfacing. At least now I can afford to relax, I was worried for you given all the mess around. I am happy for you too that you are scaling heights careerwise, congrats. Otherwise nice to know upo. Waf na Maua were equally worried and hope your re-emergence banishes their fears. Kenya is tottering but hopefully will pull through. All the best dear and keep blogging lest the new jobo denies you the PEACE.

Waf said...

Thanks PKW for explaining the source and philosophy of your name. However, it is just the connotations of the name that will always require you to explain yourself.
For example, you always see 'I am proud to be black' signs. You never see 'I am proud to be white signs'. It is an issue of perception. You always hear people say men are stupid, they are dogs etc. Try saying the same about women. It is any issue of perceived advantage and some deep psychological stuff that I can not explain properly as I am a professional in that field. I hope you get the direction of my argument.
Otherwise, similar to you I do not have problems with anyone (even though some people will be happy if I am hacked to pieces for my views). I hope we all truthfully look into our hearts and see what we have done to contribute to the current mess. I also hope we realize that Hard line rigid positions will only lead us to break flexibility is the answer. (For example, I have since changed a lot of my knee jerk hard line positions)
Finally, Maua, sorry my blog is not ready yet. I am thinking of sending them on to Kumekucha [If I meet their esteemed standards...Taabu:)] Maintaining a blog is such a chore.
Regards everybody and I hope this week brings better things for the republic